PANGAEA VN is a subsidiary of PANGAEA GROUP, based in Vietnam. We have experienced in operating Agriculture business in Vietnam since 2010 and are giving our best efforts to write a journey of bringing Vietnamese Agricultural products, spices, food and beverages to participate in the supply chain of Food materials for the whole world.

As PANGAEA VNwe understand that, for Food and Food material products, quality is the most important factor. We pay special attention to the stages of farming and processing from the farm to the factory, to ensure the quality of the products which are the freshest and healthiest to customers. We are not selling the cheapest products, we are providing products with good quality at a competitive and reasonable price.

As PANGAEA VNwe believe that, the success of our company can only be achieved when it comes from the prosperity of the farmers and the satisfaction of our partners, and it must be a long-term and regular business with support and cohesion activities between the 3 parties Farmers – Pangaea VN – Customers. We participate in farming support programs to help farmers improve their farming methods, linking Agriculture with the development of technical technology, thereby producing better products with higher productivity to our customers.