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Architectural and Interior - Exterior Design

Architectural and Interior - Exterior Design

Duytan is the professional in the field of architectural and interior design for projects such as residential, office, hotel, service spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes, ...

The design of the three-dimensional perspective of the interior space, which show details of the size of space, furniture layout, lighting layout and show the actual effect of light morning to make sense of the material details of the work and materials, shaping materials, flooring, ceiling layout, sound system, ...

Comes with interior consultancy, we also consult feng shui to the layout of premises, objects in space, to ensure the best for utilities, living, and in accordance with the rules feng shui direction, provision, clause, circulated air, the laws relative resistances students, ...


1.     Step 1: Preparation

- Receiving design document from client or Client’s request.

- Determine the scale of construction for the project.

- Define user requirements for specific projects.

- Read an overview of the kind of investment preparation.

- Consulting preliminary layout ideas functional plane after customers provide information requested.

- Quotes preliminary (application for construction, design construction documents, construction package).

- After the unification of ideas, preliminary report, the construction company will arrange appointments customers to record presents preliminary design includes space layout, the main facade, facade perspective works.

2.     Step 2: Consulting

 - Architect presents and demonstrates to clients according to the preliminary design requirements in step 1. (Architect team will advise customers more reasonable and unreasonable issues).

- After reaching a specific price will gradually understand our customers.

3.     Step 3: Signing contract

- After reaching design plan by the consultants of architect team, clients provide individual or companies for composing design contract.

- Studying the contract terms, reasonable editing, after agree the contents and specified in the contract, the two sides will sign a contract in the company.

4.     Step 4: Design development

- After signing the contract, the construction company will conduct staffing for deploying the applications for building’s  construction , the detail drawings and other design documents that specified in the contract. During the company deployed the design document, the customer has 2 times in changing the design content , this must not exceed 30% of the content was agreed.

- Construction companies will often discus and consult customers with good and reasonable ideas.

5.     Step 5: Design handover

- Construction Company will handover the completed design for clients in accordance with the date of the contract.

- Customers can check the design, if any errors made by the construction side, then the company will revise within two days.

- After checking the drawings carefully and clients agree with it, the two sides will carry out the design settlements.

- The Company will regularly contact customers until construction is complete to exchange further advice.


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